Are you just as excited as we are? We know that we can’t wait to get started and maybe you are thinking the same thing. Here are some important dates to remember and links to all the forms you will need to fill out.

RIGHT NOW — JULY 2, 2023: We are asking those who are interested in participating in the contest fill out an RFQ Form. This will enable us to keep in tough over the summer! We’ll be sending out updates and remainders via text, email, and US Postal Services. Please be on the lookout for messages from The Tolson Center for Community Excellence. This will be our way of helping you stay on track, so that by the time we open the portal to submit entries into the contest, you will be ready!  You can find the RFQ Form right here.

You can download the print–ready info packet here.


JULY 3–AUGUST 11, 2023: Submit your artwork for the contest. The deadline is midnight on August 11. You will need to have filled out the Entry Form and your parent/guardian will need to complete the Participation Form.

If you have any questions – Just ask!

Tolson Center for Community Excellence
1320 Benham Ave
Elkhart, IN 46516