Tolson Center for
Community Excellence

Centro Tolson para la
Excelencia Comunitaria

  • To oversee a vibrant, diverse and re-emerging community center that engages people primarily ages 6 and up in programs focused on inclusive learning, recreation, and cultural exchange. Individuals and families from the Elkhart area (south-central and across the county) will be the primary users/members of the Tolson Center for Community Excellence. At the heart of this role is vision and drive; working collaboratively with other excellent leaders and with partners, and the ability to make stakeholder-driven decisions. Careful listening and passion to respond to the needs and hopes of those for whom Tolson exists is essential.
  • Lead and manage multiple multi-age and multicultural programs and services simultaneously over several years
  • Communicate well in writing and speak to diverse audiences
  • Do effective fundraising and/or organizational partnership building
  • Relate to a broad constituency, including staff, volunteer board, community stakeholders, city representatives, youth and elders
  • Craft an innovative strategic vision and work collaboratively with staff to implement effectively
  • Bring passion to their work in relating to and creating a fun environment for people across generations
  • Develop staff and mentor others in an inclusive workplace
  • Understand and implement the fundamentals of financial management for a nonprofit
  • See the creative potential in conflict and strong differences of opinion and perspective
  • Express humility, authenticity, reliability, empathy, and trustworthiness
  • Utilize data for program review, evaluation, and decision-making
  • Engage in working for Elkhart’s success
Preferred Qualities
  • Be bilingual (proficient in Spanish and English)
  • Comfortable in managing as a solo director or as part of a shared leadership team
  • Capable of oversee the development of an organization with complex management, financial, and political dimensions
  • Familiar with child and elder protection safety and the safety of vulnerable populations
  • Understand the critical nature of effective public relations and marketing with diverse publics
  • Able to assess and evaluate programs via robust qualitative and quantitative information
Critical 18-Month Tasks
  • Report to and support the board in its work; clarifying degrees of delegation to the administration and accountability for performance
  • Develop program, operating plan, and refined budget(s) consistent with long-term commitments of the board and changing circumstances
  • Develop adequate administrative structure(s) to support staff and manage resources
  • Recruit, hire, and orient staff
  • Develop effective communication with key external stakeholders (neighborhood, city offices, Foundation)
  • Develop initial plans and agreements with key partner organizations that in turn drives programs-services coupled with useful program evaluation metrics
  • Engage in significant fund-raising/donor outreach
  • Support completion of building and park renovation project
  • Represent Tolson to the public at events in neighborhoods across the city, strengthening Tolson’s mission/message/brand
Candidate Packet
  • Starting at $68,000-$78,000, it is negotiable.
Application Deadline and Start Date
  • The application deadline is September 29, 2021. The position filling time is flexible, because we want to negotiate with the candidate based on their needs and preference. Our window of start date is January 2022 (earliest) – Nov 2022 (latest) for a full time hire. A ramp-up (part-time for awhile) is possible as well.
  • Tolson Center for Community Excellence remodeled building opens between April and June 2023. We want to be 100% ready to go with all programs and staff in place by that time. There is much groundwork to do before opening.

Tolson Leadership Application

Please be sure to upload your resume and cover letter, in English or Spanish, at the bottom of this form. Your cover letter can be up to 2 pages single-spaced and should include answers to the following two questions:

  1. What intrigues you about and draws you to this leadership opportunity at Tolson Center for Community Excellence, at this time?
  2. How do you define community leadership?

Solicitud de liderazgo de Tolson

Asegúrese de cargar su currículum vitae y carta de presentación, en inglés o español, al final de este formulario. Su carta de presentación puede tener hasta 2 páginas a espacio simple y debe incluir respuestas a las siguientes dos preguntas:

  1. ¿Qué te intriga y te atrae a esta oportunidad de liderazgo en Centro Tolson para la Excelencia Comunitaria, en este momento?
  2. ¿Cómo se define el liderazgo comunitario?
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Please upload your cover letter and your resume in Word or PDF format. Favor de subir tu carta de presentación y tu currículum en formato Word o PDF.
Max. file size: 512 MB.
Max. file size: 512 MB.

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