Building Update: Fundraising

board member
By Breanna Allen, Ed.D
Executive Director

The reality of a new building of this size and scope is that we will be relying on the generosity of the City of Elkhart, private investors and all of our community. As an independent organization from the city, we have fundraising and capital campaigns in the works to ensure that we’re broadening our financial foundation.

Additional Challenges 

For anyone connected in some way to the construction industry, it is a well known fact that materials pricing has sky-rocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. As prices in materials increased over the last two years, the cost of building the Tolson that the community envisioned has become a “bigger” challenge. However, we have not lost sight of ”Our Why.”

Our new center will enable equity and opportunity for neighbors near and far. Once the facility is open multiple partner agencies have committed to programming in our community center. When fully programmed, we anticipate serving 300-500 individuals on a daily basis.

We believe in our community. We have seen how generous people are and the impact made when we all come together. Thank you for your continued investment in Tolson’s bright future. You can show your support by signing up for our mailing list, following us on social media and sharing our posts (FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn)  and making a financial contribution.